Who will cry for the Lost Boy?

The Lost Boy

Lost Boy Introduction

By, 3van Cook

I am the little boy lost and all alone. I am the little boy abandoned without his own. Many nights I have cried myself to sleep; because inside me is a little boy who never had for keeps. I am the little boy walking on burning sand because this little boy was never taught to be a man. Throughout life I have hurt and caused pain; which is why this little boy has died and died again. A good little boy I often tried to be, until a blind fold was taken off of me. Now this little boy is Lost and all alone traveling a road to reclaim his throne. 

I am the Lost Boy and this is a blog, where I will share my thoughts and opinions based on my journey and my studies. My goal is to inspire thought and encourage open dialogue to a variety of topics. We're entering a new age where freedom has a new meaning to some. While this illusion of freedom persists in our thoughts; many people suffer across the world and we do nothing about it.

As a Lost Boy, I travel this road alone because I feel I am the only one who really gets it. Well me and the select people I associate myself with; however the vast majority of society walks in confusion. So I choose to be a lost boy because I don't fit in to this society. Lost is also an acronym meaning Living Outside Societies Trap; as boy is just the recognizing myself as a child to the universe.

I am Lost and I don't want to be found; not in this world. My vessel wanders this planet and my mind looks for many ways to escape; my eyes weren't given to me to see such pain and suffering. We must fight it; all of us but instead we fight each other. I no longer want to fight my people. My only wish is to heal my people and unify us. When I say MY people I mean those united against the evil and tyranny the reigns supreme on this earth. 

This blog is more than just thoughts but a call to action. It is a call to action to those who are choosing to no longer be average. Those who choose to no longer be controlled by this societal trap we inherited. Those who choose to look to their gifts and purpose as a method of healing this dying world. I believe we were all placed here for a purpose; and once we find that purpose we find our fight. 

I am the lost boy and this is my fight... 



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