I wonder what life is all about and how much we actually control. Our spirits have been here long before and will continue you after our time on earth ends. Why must I struggle in this vessel unaware of the ones previously occupied? I am held accountable cosmically some things I know nothing about. I carry the burdens and trauma of my ancestors and I don't even know who they were. What did they do so that I would manifest into such a mess? 

I have learned that life is the continuation of everything that proceeded us and played a part of our creation. We inherit all the good and the bad from billions of years possibly even trillions. I'm pretty sure trillions if we trace ourselves down to the elements of which we are composed of. I've probably lost a few people by now but that's how deep ancestry, DNA and life go. Honestly probably much deeper than I would ever be willing to research but I over stand which is why purpose becomes so important. 

Through a trillion year process you were manifested right here right now in this exact moment. You were given a set of gifts and tools to help you get through specific struggles that were already predetermined due to some shit you had nothing to do with. Life is a bitch like that but that's also what makes her so beautiful.  Tapping into that purpose is what removes those hurdles and burdens. Tapping into that purpose is what heals the scars left between generations and will heal the ones for generations to come. 

Evan CookComment