Monday morning Poetry

The Sun always shines on me in my time of need. Brings me joy when my emotions are seen on my sleeve.


Bless me indeed, enlarge my territory provide me all that I need to accomplish this mission and vision given to me.

Awake me from this nightmare my people are dying. Rocked to sleep by gun shots and the sounds of single mothers crying.

While the man is lying holding back my people just trying to make it. IF I want to I am taught by society to fake it; cut my hair and shave my face shit, turn my back on my entire race shit all for what?


The truth of this reality makes me want to holler. Kids not being taught to read but still called scholars. Contemplating not having any sons or daughters, why would I if the world just wants em slaughtered?

So I prepare for a war that was waged a while ago. Alone on the front lines cause this war aint styling yo, No double taps on this revolution YOU ARE THE PROBLEM if you aren’t finding solutions.

My generation is sitting on the sidelines with a slave mind saying they cant make time. We too busy in the club trying to bump and grind sipping that poison that’s clogging our mind then have the nerve to go to church and pray for better times.

This shit I hate!

Cause I often partake and when I do I feel like I am drowning in an empty lake.

I wonder who can relate and when will we realize that this world is ours to take?