Its time for Black Men to Step Up.

There is no doubt that the entire world conspires to keep the black man down but we allow it. Now I know what people are going to say,” here Shao goes again on one of his rants’. but I have to address this.

How we as black African men are viewed in the eyes of the world is unacceptable. We spent thousands if not more building this planet up with some of the greatest architectural achievements known to man and woman.

Now in 2018 we are not revered to as scholars, builders, scientists or even fathers for that matter. We are known mainly for being athletes, entertainers and hashtags.

Why have we fallen? And when shall we rise?

The efforts done by the United States and the rest of the world to keep us in this mindset is what we first have to understand. What are their tactics? We didn’t wake up like this we were made like this through a process that has been going on for thousands of years. My goal in this blog is to inspire Black Men to want to know more and do more. We are so powerful but we limit our powers to acquire the material possessions given to us by our oppressors. The people we taught how to walk, talk, bathe, etc… now control what we see, hear and how we live on this planet.

The time has come for the Black African Man to stand up and take ownership over himself, his family, and his race of people that are being slaughtered globally through a genocide that we sit back and watch. When the black man rises, takes ownership and accountability; we will be the change we want to see.

Right now, the black man has been compromised and is in no position of power here in Amerikkka. We have more sell outs than soldiers and we see this every day on TV and Social Media.

It is not popular to be a strong unapologetic masculine black man in Amerikkka.

Majority of our brothers are trying harder to be like the white man than to be like themselves. We don’t find love in the Black Woman anymore and have left her out to dry when she alone has been our creator first and foremost and even has been our biggest support in this war that we aren’t even aware of.

They held us down when we went away and was there when we came home. When our bodies drop their tears are the first to flow but when we get some cash to blow they be the first to go. Black Man Wake Up.

I can go on and on about how we as Black men are our downfalls but that doesn’t solve our problem. I can go on and on about how it’s the white mans fault but that won’t solve them; either. The only way this problem gets solved is if we as Black African Men step up and be the solution.

Consider this your call to action!

  1. First and foremost, my brothers we need to heal. We need to heal emotionally as well as spiritually to address our traumas and generational curses. We need to heal in the ways of our ancestors. Give them back their bible and take back your soul. I’m calling for a weekly or bi-weekly men’s healing group.

  2. Secondly, we need to study ourselves. Study the situations and tactics used to get us here and keep us here so that we know what and who we are up against. Sadly, some of our greatest enemies will be our own. Weekly, we need to connect, study and build.

  3. We need to shut the hell up and organize. Connect with each other and start working together on how to best combat those tactics. Come to FW Black Collective meetings for more info.

  4. We have to love and protect the black woman. We need more black families and more black children being raised in the ways of our ancestors. #Getyouablackwoman #Getyouablackman #nationbuilding

Honestly this list could go on but I think this is where we need to start. Everything in moderation and this won’t be overnight. But as Black African Men it is your obligation to heal and rebuild your race. Below I will list some books for ya’ll to read and I encourage you, Black Man to connect with me so that we can build upon this some more.

Books to get started with:

  1. The Willie Lynch Letter

  2. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome- Dr. Joy DeGruy

  3. The MisEducation of the Negro- Carter G Woodson

  4. The Destruction of Black Civilization- Chancellor Williams

Professors that will help:

  1. Dr. John Henrik Clarke

  2. Dr Josef Ben Johchannan

  3. Dr. Amos Wilson

  4. Dr. Mirimbia Ani

Videos that will help:

  1. Hidden Colors 1-4

  2. When Black men ruled the world

  3. The black woman is god- Young Pharaoh

  4. Conquered by religion- Sara Suten Seti

Lets heal,