Poetic Just-Us

I rock shades with my hoodie I am becoming a big deal. RIP Trayvon Martin I think the system had him killed. Nah man fa real it devalues black lives remember how this place was built. Exposed all of our skills mental chains then concealed I grew up thinking my life only mattered on a football field.

This was before they kneeled.

Freedom we thought we had fa real. Until you’re walking by yourself and you’re forced to meet that steel. From a white man burning crosses in the woods or a fat mother fucker patrolling a neighborhood

but where’s the get back?

For too long my people just get smacked. Turning the other cheek I think that shits wack. Them people stole our her story and switched that. Give em back they bible and take they brick back please avoid that big trap.

They want you in that cell. You will create your own heaven when you realize you’re in hell. Yeah the block is hot, next to the liquor shop 40oz and Pot. They say the preachers all we got; but you gave up on him cause he got caught fucking a thot. Now all you got is the rock; slanging it and pack the glock next stop is the jail box they working us like a clock but how long will my people just tick and toc.

We don’t know our soul. Who the fuck can save our soul?

I’m Lost cause this world isn’t for me. How can I love a people who want to cut down all the trees burn them in our yards then pay me cents to rake the leaves. Luckily for me football got me a degree. I’m Lost; and I don’t want to be found enjoy me when I’m around I move at the speed of sound.

But I’m a whisper.

A soft gentle breeze ill give you chills down to your feet. I am a food you can not eat but on my knowledge come and feast lets get out the belly of this beast; its not for the mentally weak nor the pope nor the sheik only for those who seek the divine light within that could set our people free.

I am HE