Letting Go by Shao

So I lost a Loc the other day wrestling with my nephew. It was barely hanging on in the first place and I knew it was only a matter of time before it broke off.

Too afraid to pull I would trust in gravity and fate to show me the inevitable; it did. I didn't know how I felt to be holding a piece of me in my hand. I’m still processing as I look for the lesson.

My hair has been a spiritual journey and reflection of my soul. I celebrated 3 years of being locced on December 9th and the biggest lesson I have learned has been patience. I’m the ‘I want it right when I see it’ - type. I often neglect the process because of how focused I am on the end game. Each day I watch my hair I learn to wait and take baby steps.

This road is long and on it things will come as well as go. This much I knew but applying is often a challenge. As my thin Loc held on for dear life, I often contemplated just pulling it but I couldn’t let it go. As I look around my room I see things I need to let go of. As I analyze my life I see things and people I need to let go of; my hair exposed me.

So I dove deeper to the thought behind why I wouldn’t let it go and my conclusion was I thought it had hope. I believed it could hold on and those strans of hair could endure. This too is my flaw. Sometimes I believe in things that I know can be strong but won’t admit that it’s too weak; this too is the same for people.

I haven’t decided what to do with my Loc. Letting go is clearly an area of growth but I’m seeking understanding in this process. Also tips would be amazing cause moving forward into 2019; my life is gonna change and with change comes letting go.

My hair is still beautiful and I’m grateful for my Loc cause with its departure my hair don’t look like it’s struggling; anymore. I wondered what made my shit thin in the first place and someone said I got it retwisted the wrong way. That’s what happens when you let the wrong energies touch your crown they fuck around and lose a jewl.