Curly Queens by Nia Cole

Title: Curly Queens by Nia Cole

To the little girl who straightened her every cruel curl that cursed her world

Society silently beat her in a box she couldn’t fit in

The lies she told herself only spoke louder in her years of school Day by day her self esteem got lower and lower

She has a damaged soul When the mirror is clear She is foggy

I was that little girl

Comparing myself to others was my hobby

Why does that bitch have that light weight, straight, long, strong, flowing hair that’s on the Victoria’s Secret commercials?

And I have this short kinky madness, weird shaped,

nappy natted shit

I want to be that bitch

But one day I got tired of trying to be a copy I dug deep into my roots

Started asking myself questions

Like.. wtf is good hair?

Why did I hate my hair in the first place? Taking care of my mane is like meditation Mind,body, and soul healing

An indescribable feeling

But when I’d walk into a room

The mood would completely change

As if I were Kunta Kinte himself

But my hair is a political statement

I am no longer apart of the white enslavement

To the people who told me to fix my hair,

And taunted me for it

I’m making up for all the times I was unspoken You cannot fix what was never broken

Rise up black girls,

Embrace those naps and curls