I Hate Society by Nasir

Title: I hate my Society
Too many fake people and hypocrites
No matter the race you are there’s always ignorance
I ain’t feelin it all the tea that I’m spillin
don’t drink it
It might be venomous
Can’t handle my outbursts i might wake an earthquake
I wouldn’t have to if I wasn’t feelin evoked in the first place
They locked up bill Cosby and freed OJ
Don’t make no sense to me
But that’s our world sticking to its old ways
Im finnah spark up with this propane
Hopefully takes away all this old pain
Old stains and funky beats I’m the truth
I’m the youth for this old age
Living in poverty was my breaking point
The way you want it broke in pain living in poverty point
Speed up the program got us living in trouble times
dumb choices being made make it hard to live living in trouble times
Poetry I spit make it hard to live living in trouble times
It’s the truth
I’ll be eating some grapes
Wearing some grapes
Wearing some bape
And stealing yo date
Here’s my cup
Fill it up
Cheers to us
This is good tea don’t spill it
With plenty love



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