Dear Child (I Pray)

My heart hurts as I write this and dont really know what to say but I want to say something. These two tragedies shook up the world around me I could only imagine what it did for the families. My condolences to the families and all those grieving my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I want to dedicate this blog to them and the lessons they both taught me and the  lessons this experience has taught me. Ill share one with you all...

The obvious ( Life is Short): 

Life is short and can turn high or low overnight. We cant echo enough why its important to live everyday to the fullest. Nothing puts it in perspective like death. With the passing of these two I realize that my vision although so clear can have a short window if I am not careful. Death is that one promise we all wish could be broken so we could hear that one thing or see that one person one more time but its deeper than that. Its that promise you cant run from so it makes us afraid but its something we cant always anticipate so in away its an escape for them but here its nothing but heart breaks. Lives shake! like when I was at the wake of Christian and I had to see the look on his sisters face that image can only be replaced by a smile from a child whom we can no longer see his face. And Andre his soul will never go away but sitting with his family with his body and hearing his brother tell his nephew "Hes Gone"...He cant be... 

Andre and I started our journey in this field youth services together with our other partner and coordinator. We were powerful and was really a force in the community that could help these kids heal. We all had similar passions yet unique gifts that made or contribution to this work remarkable. When we collaborated we brought out a part of the community some people wouldn't believe exists in Federal Way. We provided a platform for youth to share their voices and experiences and had visions of doing way more. When Will left he started to live his vision. Andre and I had began to recognize our and felt like we just figured it out. 

Andre was right at the cusp of his dreams I know he was; He inspired me to go out and chase mine and for that I am grateful.  

RIP Christian 

RIP Andre



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