A Lost Boyz Future

I have no doubts that I will be powerful. I will have a lot of money and wealth and a lot of people will depend on me as they already do. I was chosen for this; to show people that it is possible to be just and honest in positions of power. 

However the future still frightens me because I am unsure of the type of world I have been called to lead us into. I don't want to raise my kids up in chaos but unfortunately it seems to be so. This reality gives me a sense of urgency to become what it will take to survive in such a world. I have to prepare for it by making myself just as savage and ruthless as the world is. I also must feel inside what the world doesn't and that's peace. 

How can I feel peace when I live in a place where it doesn't exist? How can I be peace when society has forced me into chaos? How can these worlds balance if balance isn't even obtainable in times like these? 


Evan CookComment