Black Power!!! (Why are you so afraid?)

1. This post is not to divide but to uplift the African People living in America.

2. If you are white this post isn't for you. Feel free to read but please save all opinions.

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In 1966, Stoakely Carmichael gave a speech that gave us the phrase we so hesitantly say today; "Black Power". I say hesitantly because since that powerful decade that encompassed some of our communities strongest leaders has died and gone. What they tried to instill in us has been lost and replaced with this false sense of progression and freedom that is not the reality for the African people living in what we call america. I say African because there is no such place as African America; and calling ourselves such and or black only further displaces us from our truth.

I'm a African, I'm a African and I know whats happening                                      - Dead Prez  

The civil rights movement failed African people although we were the godfather and mother of the movement. This is not an insult to the people who paved the way for me to be even sharing such a blog on this platform but its simply the truth. Integration did nothing positive for black people because once we integrated our jobs, schools, money and just love for one another went away too. Once the government dismantled the Black Panther organization by either killing, incarcerating or running away all of its members; the pride we had in ourselves and community went away also. Now the only black panther we know is from Marvel and the only place in Africa we reference is made up….WAKANDA ISN’T REAL.

Our communities became overwhelmed with heroin brought back from the war in Vietnam, the crack that swept our communities in the 80's and the trauma from the fathers who bailed or needed bail because of the mass incarceration of the 90's. The Black Panthers were our last hope and since their demise we have digressed as a community due to the systematic efforts and mis-education that takes place daily. Black exploitation and the fact that they pay a few to mislead many, has us believing that there is a sense of equity and equality in America and truth is it is worse now than it was before because have no unity.

But we had a black president!!!    

I gives no damns about having had a black president. Yeah I voted in 08 simply because he was black but I knew better than to expect change in Amerikkka. This country wasn't built for us it was built by us and having a black man in the white house did nothing but confuse our sense of reality. Under the Obama-era, the hashtag era born from those slain at the hands of police. Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Corin Gaines and counting. We keep catching hell cause we refuse to do for ourselves, we refuse to love and heal ourselves, each other, our skin, and our communities.

Black Power was a phrase created to empower a group of people fighting oppression the best way they could. This phrase was to uplift a group of people who realized that the reasons they were down were beyond their control but they took it upon themselves not to stay there. They relied on one another and supported one another. They pulled each other up by their bootstraps not just themselves; they were a village.

Why cant we be that now?

Now Black Power seems like a fad as our fist gets used for each and every cause. We support each and every cause without knowing ours. No one has our back when it comes to our cause to end the racism that plagues this country and world. Niggas are scared of the revolution we are scared to be for one another and claim it but unafraid to be a nigga or a bitch. We rock our naturals and our locs and we post and we march and we debate but I see very little action, very little black on black love but a lot of black on black crime. We have to do better. We have to be proud to be black again. So I close in the words of one of the GOAT, Marcus Garvey.

Up You Mighty Race and Accomplish What You Will… Ase






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