The God Complex

Who’s God?

One of my favorite questions to ask and one of life’s greatest quests.

With so many different beliefs most just say who they were told god is but most never truly seek. Yeah I said it. Most folk just spout off what they grandmothers and mothers believed in but do little to no study. People always say it’s a relationship; my response is typically with who or what?

I guess God can be a noun. Asking who suggests god is a person, what suggests god is a thing and where would suggest god is in a place. Is God a tangible object? Is God matter? Is God in all treeofem? (Birdman voice)

On my spiritual path I have identified with several religions mainly cause they preach similar principals. Although, I don’t identify with them anymore I still feel that same spiritual connection that binds me to all of creation.

When I talk to people and they testify about the good works god has done for them it varies by the culture and who they accredit. The Muslims who accomplishes the task thank Allah, The Christian - Jesus, The Buddhist - Buddah and who knows who Mormons thank. The point is everyone praying or thanking someone different and they all accomplish the task. What’s the common denominator?


They accomplished those task each and every one of them as individuals calling on a force greater than themselves but that force came from WITHIN themselves.

Read that shit again

I say all of that to address what I’d like to call, “The God Complex”. Over the past few years you have seen more and more people turn down religion and start to shift in their perception of God. They have started to recognize themselves as gods and disassociate with the religious concept of god. I joined the party years ago when I learned the way of my ancestors and connected to my African divinity.

In religion God is separate from man. Third party deities make up the belief systems just like the example given earlier. In spirituality, god is everything surrounding and including man; better recognized in the Kybilion as “THE ALL.”

People who understand this or begin to understand this may refer to themselves as god. However it is not to separate from creation and take credit for being the source of creation. We call ourselves gods to connect to it; and vibe in harmony with it utilizing it spiritually, mentally and physically to live peacefully here on what we know as earth. That’s our purpose. That’s our history.

People defend a concept of god they pastor hardly understands and don’t care enough to look into and come to their own conclusions of who god is to them. And I promise you this; if your quest for god doesn’t lead you to a mirror you aren’t looking in the right direction. Even the so called holy books tell you where god is and it is not in the sky.

Black people this impacts us the most cause this is what oppresses us the most; our spiritual disconnection. The church and mosque is not our friend. They have been tools utilized in our survival of attempted genocide but the fact remains they are the largest instruments of our enslavement.

It wasn’t the physical oppression that got us it was the spiritual one. That is the most important thing we must understand which is why the biggest battle for our liberation will be in the church.

Ase or and so it is because that fight is not mine. I use to try and fight it but I humbled myself. What led me was my constant seeking of truth and knowledge so that’s what I encourage you all to go and seek. Truth and knowledge. The truth and knowledge of your history, yourself and your divinity and through that diligent search I pray you discover your God Complex.