Win The Day

The beauty of life is found in the little things we enjoy daily. I’m not talking about enjoying time with friends or chasing your dream; I’m talking about small things like waking up and breathing. Not smiling or being with people those are the choices we make as demi gods occupying earth.  What connects us all to one another as well as the creator and universe are the things we can’t control like waking up and breathing.

This very understanding has allowed me to at the very least despite my day being good or bad; be grateful. This gratitude and understanding allows intention now to take over so my imagination can live and I be the creator of my day.

Once I accept my gift of waking up and taking a breath I now must go forth and take responsibility for my actions thus creating the outcome of my day. However, if you don’t move with INTENT your day creates the outcome for you.

Knowing I am connected to such a force is where I gain my power and confidence. I live a NO WEAPON FORMED mentality cause I know that greater is what’s within me than that which dwells amongst you. This attitude of gratitude and confidence allows me to approach each day peacefully. I don’t go in too high or too low because balance is best kept when you just flow. Be like water as Bruce Lee explains in the movie Enter the Dragon.

With this peaceful approach I already determine my outcome. Typically, the way in which we approach things is how we leave them. If it’s anger and dysfunction then what you touch will be dysfunctional. If it is peace and love then what you touch will be peace and love. Not always cause haters do exist but typically what you put in you get out.

Ahh which brings me to my conclusion and point of which I write to you all on this beautiful day. This approach to life allows me to be peaceful despite the frequent chaos I am faced with. Being grateful and intentional is how I WIN THE DAY; and I l’d be a punk if I didn’t leave you some tips on how to win yours. So here are a few:

  1. Give thanks when you wake up.

  2. Take a deep breath and fix your mind to what you want to accomplish. Remember BE INTENTIONAL!

  3. Go with the flow and have confidence.

  4. You get out what you put in.

There are just a few tips to help you win your day. Please add to your list and share below with me some tips y’all use to help win your day. Thank you!