Shao in DC Day 4

When I rose Saturday morning I knew I had one day left but I didnt know how I would spend it. I did my usual morning routine — I drank my coffee, blogged and then my day started from there. All the men ended up upstairs and they were talking as I were writing; it was wisdom as usual. They both started to look my direction with their stories  and insights so I knew it was time to take heed.

Most people when telling about their lives tend to leave out the pain but these men had no problem sharing because the greatest lessons sometimes comes from our traumas, pain and experiences. When discussing the triumph of these pains it is always important to acknowledge our source of strength; our creator. I say that to say the lesson of yesterday was a spiritual one and one I needed.

They started to talk to me about God, leaning on God and having faith. Now I tend to avoid certain conversations because I view god and spiritually different then most but this wasn’t a discussion I was listening to a testimony. In this testimony I was reminded to have faith in the most high. I won’t lie since I have lost religion I struggled identifying with faith because I associated it with Christianity and doing so cause my own suffering.

The only thing constant is change and the only thing certain is death; while we are here  god orders us to serve. One of the elders shared that with me and it was that reminder I needed to keep going and inspire service. As the conversation went on tears flowed and I got to see grown men cry. On FaceBook, I wrote that their is a special strength a man finds when he learns how to cry and as his tears shed I saw his strength as a man.

The other gentlemen spoke to me about love I believe that was his message for me this weekend. He reminded me to have an open with a Godly heart only for an open and Godly woman. I loved to listen to him speak about his wife.  He told me how he like to sing for her,and cook for her. Most importantly live for her and his love for her had a little to do with her but he was able to love her how he loved god which is what stuck out to me. He shared with me how his wife’s ex-husband was back around and he wasn’t worried not because of how much he believes she loves him but because he knows how much she loves God.

His words gave me hope because I won’t lie I have started to question love. Since my divorce its been hard out here but what was illustrated to me was if it ever is to change it will come through building up my relationship with the most high. Love is spiritual don’t let this twisted world misconstrue that by how it makes us perceive love.

They finally let me go and I went to the gym with one of the elder’s sons. It felt great to workout I typically try to at least once when I travel just to build up a routine. Afterwards, I went and ate at this Mediterranean restaurant that was the bomb. I have never had a salad that delicious before. Too bad I forgot the name and can’t mention but they know who they are.

When I got to the house I just hung out and got ready to go. I wanted to go out but honestly I am trying to get rid of that type of lifestyle or at least be selective. I chose to just chill and get some work done. I started working on a song, packing up my things and  watching a movie. I wasn’t tired or anything; I just knew the job was done and the lessons had been received. I was now looking forward to apply what I have learned being in DC.

Today as I travel I reflect on gratitude. I am grateful for my host and this city. I am grateful for the goddess who dropped wisdom to the brother I met that plays the saxaphone; this experience has been worth it. I am grateful for this nation’s capitol cause I know the blood of my ancestors went into those buildings and they are beautiful despite the plague that governs this country.  I am grateful for all of you who have read my blog and continue to follow me. I encourage you all to share your travel experiences and go out and see the world. You have one guarantee from birth and that is death; however each breath is an opportunity to live and serve. Go and serve and people you will forever be blessed.