Oppression by Nia Cole

Oppression by Nia Cole

We hate the blood of Africa,

That travels through our veins like trains Without Harriet’s fighting spirit on the railroad

We hate our physical features,

We don’t blame the skin bleachers,

We hate our coily maines that take hours to tame

We hate everything we were and everything we became

We hate ourselves more than we hate racism 

Isn’t that a shame?

But don’t be in pain taking the blame

We were taught to be this way

Abducted from our homelands,

Raped not only our women but our men too,

Beaten and whipped until we were convinced we were dead,

Chained and contained like we were insane in an asylum,

Expected to do hard core labor without complaints,

There were many that broke their restraints

but their stories are often untold,

Sold and stripped of our pride 

For hundreds of years we cried 

For hundreds of years we shed our blood Y’all white folk satisfied with your horrified genocide?

Are you done yet? 

I guess not 

You’re still hanging bodies from trees Stealing organs and selling them to the enemies

Injecting poisons into our minds and bodies 

Got us on our knees 

Praying, “Please Lord forgive me!”

Visualizing your face,

When Jesus is black

And we ain’t going back to your twisted ways

We’re gonna get our priorities straight 

I come from a place where 

We embrace our blackness

We mature early

Keep her teeth pearly

And our hair kinky curly 

We hold our pride in our hands firmly Whether we’re slim or curvy

We aren’t worried

Because we don’t think 

We know we’re worthy