Shao in DC Day 3

I am inspired to serve people. I feel like that is why I am on earth so I take all the chances I can to serve. My day was full of service with my good friend and host of Freshly Brewed Sports. She saw that I was out here and just happen to be in town for a work event. She asked if I wanted to help give the volleyball girls t-shirts and an envelope and I said why not.

I got downtown and got lost of course; struggling to find my way. Finally, I get there and the lines were packed but the girls were excited to get playing. While I was passing out shirts I would make jokes of course but mainly I wanted to remind them they are athletes. The event was amazing; they hosted a volleyball tournament and invited college coaches to come out and scout. I encouraged them to compete and go hard but also have fun.

Once, we checked in both groups my job was done and I went out to get food. Across the street was a burger spot called Capital Burger. I sat at the bar and ended up having a great conversation with this older lady. She asked about my drink I figured to break the ice and it did. We talked about life of course and she told me all about her late husband. I felt for her cause she had only lost him a year ago and was sitting in a bar alone. When I walked in I thought that was strange and that she was with someone but when we spoke I wondered why. As she told me all about how fun he is we got into business; of course.

Everyone in DC talks about business and politics. I came for the business not the politics but I figured I would have an open ear cause in DC they go hand in hand; in the world it goes hand in hand when it big money. This elder started to lace me with game, really teach me about decision making. and looking beyond the surface of everything. I always take every conversations and every person I meet as an omen. The universe brings lessons to us through interactions and conversations it is on us to listen and receive. She taught me a lot last night and I am grateful to have met her.

As I left I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I thought about the club in the casino again but I wasn’t feeling that wave. I hopped in the car and just begin to drive; eventually decided to get home. When I arrived the person I am staying with was still working. I got home early yesterday morning when he was waking up to start working and now that I am home at 10:30pm he is still working. That is refreshing to see cause it shows a big difference in people and often what I admire the most. What is a persons work ethic and grind; since I have been here that is all I have seen. Once, he finished working we sat and talked and listened to the news – talk shit about Trump.

The lessons come when the student is ready and it seems like every person I talk to out here has something to teach me. My ears are opened and the messages are sinking in. My day wasn’t full of events but yet again it was full of wisdom. As my time winds up here these lessons will continue to pour and I will continue to share them all with you.


Evan Cook