Shao in DC Day 1

My first day and night in DC was amazing. I am here visiting a family friend and one of the few black men I grew up looking up to. Such a wise man and great role model. Since I was a child he has always dropped knowledge on me to uplift me and expand my horizons. I haven’t seen him since I was in high school and we had not spoke until I decided to come book this trip. “When the student is ready the lesson will come”; One of my favorite lessons in the book, The Alchemist. A lot I have learned in 24 hours that I will share with you in this blog today, but so much more I have came to learn.

Living retired is the life. I spent my entire day just kicking it with two retired OG’s as they like to describe themselves. Teaching me about the area I am truly intrigued by the history here. I mean after all it is the nations capital and the furthest east I have ever traveled. Just on the drive in I was in the Uber like damn this is where all the corruption and bull shit lives. Like all these crooked ass politicians and government people are right here; all around me. The slave blood that runs across this land and the battles fought to make this place what it is today; I get to experience first hand. I feel so young here because as I listen to them speak all I realize is how much I don’t know. That’s the most beautiful thing about life to me is only when you are ready the right teachers will come.

I napped most of the afternoon from the lack of sleep on the red eye I caught out here. I woke up right on time for some cabbage he whipped up. He and his associate were in the kitchen shooting the shit and I was barely able to eat from laughing at them tell jokes and talk shit. His associate and I eventually got into a conversation where he was just telling me about how much he loved his wife. It was very refreshing listening to how he uplifted her. It was a perfect example of how to treat and speak to a woman; something young black men are struggling with due to lack of examples. I started to ask him questions like how did he know she was the one and shit like that. He put me on some of that old head game that I want to share with y’all briefly.

He told me what I needed to hear cause it is what I have been missing and feeling. I was done eating so he had my undivided attention and focus. “She has to Love God” he says. It doesn’t have to be in the religious way but she must have some sort of spiritual commitment. I was shocked he took it there but he looked me into my soul and made sure I heard him. I knew what he was saying cause that is the biggest reason I am single ain’t nobody praying anymore. As I had been contemplating adjusting my parameters he hits me with that and it was right on time. I don’t know a lot of spiritual women out there anymore; however it is something extremely attractive about a Black Woman that Knows SHE IS GOD.

My ride called and let me know she was outside and I dapped em up and split. She took me to this place founded by Langston Hughes called Bussboys and Poets. This place was amazing; it had a library inside the restaurant – the food and drinks were amazing. It had a great vegan menu which is hard to come by. Not saying I’m Vegan; I like to call myself vegan-ish so occasionally Ill go plant based but most times I eat whatever the hell I want. The drink menu was dope; I got this drink called the color purple and it was delicious – hell have too many of those have you feeling like Harpo. If ya’ll are ever in DC check them out Bussboys and Poets. I was hoping to check out an Open Mic but it wasn’t this week but it is my goal while I am in DC so stay tuned.

Afterwards, we checked out the library and started to get into this dope discussions about relationships and the issues of finding good black men and women. She discussed her frustration with black men and I didn’t disagree with her. Not on no beta male shit but a lot of black men aren’t taught how to be an alpha male and how to treat Black Women. She talked about our desire for women outside of our race and how we value them. This too had been a conclusion of mine as recently posted in a blog I wrote called, The Healing Man.

We agreed but the conversation continued back to her car where she had a lot more to say and I was no longer in a position to agree or disagree; she just spilled her soul. When she spoke, I heard the voice of all the Black Women and I did my best to listen with an open mind and heart with an ear not only for me but for Black Men. She didn’t scorn us at all but she did call out our loyalty and accountability to her and one another. She acknowledged the systematic efforts that have placed us in our position in society but spoke into the power in us to overcome because 1: we should know and once we know it becomes a choice and 2: we come from her the Black Woman whom is the most powerful woman on earth.

Her sorrow and disappointment comes from our choice to conform and choose to be with every other woman but our own. I sat in silence because some truths you can’t and should not defend. I shared with her that I was in an interracial marriage in what I like to call my past life. She couldn’t help but ask what attracted us or me to her and I shared with her it was our strong connection to God which is why I felt the elder earlier when he said she has to love God. When my God changed I saw my duty and obligation as a Black Man and chose to serve God but I shared with her not a lot of Black Women know they are God.

It came full circle for me on what she had shared and what the elder shared with me earlier. I was on stuck and felt very humbled. However, it felt good because my mind is in the right arena and the right people were able to speak life into me just in my first day. Her correlations opened my eyes on why I must continue to teach these young black men and older black men of our duties and reason for being on earth. Malcolm X in a speech shared how the most unprotected woman in America is the Black woman and she expressed to me why last night. I thanked her and we hugged it out. I shared with her how this message Black Men need to heard. She questioned if it would be received and I said by whom it is meant for. That is how lessons work as I stated earlier in this post. When she dropped me off I told her to keep uplifting black men cause we need more truth like that.

It’s amazing how my day came full circle and the lessons that I got ranged from making a woman feel protected to a black woman sharing with me how she don’t feel protected and why. The most important lesson I received outside of how we need to protect the black woman was the spiritual lesson. We need to connect spiritually and it doesn’t matter to me right now what your spiritual preference is as long as you walk in it together black man and woman. If we are to overcome this oppression I know one benefit we have is time because this world started with the Black Man and Woman and it too shall end with the Black man and Woman.

Day one had so much wisdom from the elders and the goddess. I am grateful to be here and share what I am learning with you all. Please comment with feedback as I continue to share with you all my experience via Snapchat and Instagram so please stay tuned to Thelostboy_Shao on IG and lifespeaker56 on Snapchat.