Shao in DC Day 2 (The White House)

After an exciting and amazing day one, I couldn’t wait to wake up and see what DC had for me on day two. I slept in cause I am still getting adjusted to this time zone so when I woke up this place was already rocking. I got my shit together and went downtown to our nations capital. I am so not the type of patriot this country flaunts but I must say that when I stood on that ground I felt the history this place holds. The structures and monuments were so old and that area is just so amazing to say the least.

I parked next to the Washington memorial but I will save my conspiracy theories for another post. My first stop was the African American History Museum and really that was the only stop for me. I have to give a shout out to Oprah, she made that place happen by donating over 20 million dollars to make that happen.

As I walked around I was astonished at some the things I saw. That place is huge and has a lot of floors. My first stop was in the Hip Hop room. I almost lost my mind because some of the most influential people in music were in one room. The thing that stood out to me the most in there was a group of the best female rappers of that time. They were all wearing clothes and I thought of how beautiful of a photo that was because it was about their talent as artists and not their bodies. If you made a picture today of the top female rappers it would look like a playboy magazine fa real.

I went into a different room and it showed all of the sports history and some of the greatest athletes of all time. My favorite of course was Muhammad Ali; he embodied what an athlete should be. Hard working, family, community oriented and using their platform to make change. Since he left we have not seen that from athletes until Kap took his knee essentially traded his entire career. After that room I went to the community rooms to see all of the community activist that flood our February and hopefully lives.

It broke my heart to be in that room because I couldn’t help but think of the systematic efforts put forth to make sure those efforts were dismantled. To see them now in a museum; their efforts a shrine of imperialism and us, their descendants left to just say what if. I thought of how amazing it would have been to actually go to those communities and experience those cultures.

The saddest one to me was Black Wall Street. It was simply labeled Tulsa Race Riot. It was so much more than that; why would we only highlight its demise and glorify its destruction. This didn’t make sense until I lost my taste for that scar in history and begin to walk out. I noticed something. Across the street from the African American Museum is the American History museum. I thought that’s why they will mention Tulsa race Riots instead of Black Wall Street; they are flexing on us. They are showing us everyone they conquered and all the efforts they destroyed as well as all of the blacks who helped fight in every war but their own. That place broke my heart. To see the American History Museum across the street further acknowledges that this country don’t fuck with us and is deeply rooted in racism. It is truly Just Us!

I just kept it pushing to the Capitol Building cause I knew congress had a big meeting. The security presence was crazy or maybe that’s just DC. A long ass walk it surely was all the way to a place I typically only see in movies. I was astonished that I was in the belly of the beast; at the doorsteps of Babylon. I knew I had to go and see the white house like I have to complete this mission. I set out on my mission to the white house and finally came up a Bird scooter to ease the ride. It was closed when I got there so I only got to see it from a distance along with the news channels setting up. I thought of Pablo Escobar and his trip to the White House and all the other people that have stood at the footsteps of Babylon.

Starving I needed to go and get food and stopped at a local bar. I love DC because I see Black Love. Being Valentine’s Day simp season was in full effect and people were on their best behavior. I saw a brother on the corner singing to his lady and so many black couples out enjoying their evening. This was a beautiful sight to see.

After bar hopping and looking like a complete loner in downtown DC I thought it was time to call it a night. I was headed back to my residence when I noticed the MGM grand. I had to go check it out and see what trouble I could find. I don’t gamble so I just sat in the Casino club looking like a king enjoying his own vibe. If you know me you know how social I can be and in any space I always make a friend. Sure enough, I met another brother who was kind of on the same wave. We somehow ended up in a group of people and was able to share some laughs at the craps table.

This is a very vibrant city and as I head into my weekend I fear I am not going to want to leave. I guess we will just have to see how the next few days go. Make sure you stay tuned on my social media pages. Snapchat: lifespeaker56 and Instagram: Thelostboy_shao

As always family thank you for reading and I greet you all in peace please stay tuned.