I Stopped Praying (Poem)

Life is but a dream yet our perception creates reality. You think you were born a sinner well you should know that is a fallacy. Inside you is the truth put to use you can climb out the sea, just keep ya head above the water and soon you’ll be on your own two feet.

Life can get you down I know a lot of people say that but if you have to fall kick ya feet out and just lay back. Let go of your fear picture you rolling in that Maybach life is a bitch that wants to fuck you so please stay strapped.

I speak life cause death is all I see. I am the truth this world is lying to me. Unchained my mind now bounds my hands and feet. It sounds funny but I found God when I got up off my knees and stopped praying.

I Stopped Praying on my knees and took my ass outside. I meditated under the sun,  got my mission from the stars and my new life begun.

So I went and bought a gun. Then I set out on my mission grateful as fuck the white man paid my tuition. If it wasn’t for ball I’d be in them waters fishing Lost like Nemo with them Dorrie type of bitches ducking them sharks giving out crabs and fish eggs a rip and a swim later I was hitting quarter backs instead.


Shoutout Anthony Eugene, one of the first friends on my team when I stepped up on the scene. I went from a boy to King.

Then remembered I Am a God.

I know some don’t want to hear that but this is no facade. I was made in the image of the Black Wombman and THE BLACK WOMBMAN IS GOD.

So are the birds and bees, leaves, trees, moon and stars. Just include everything some call it the all and that lives inside of me which is why I stand tall.

I’m like Mike with that ball not Kareem no hoop dreams I am the nicest of them all, built a great wall and my rome will never fall. This is universal shit I am universal bitch and Shao wants to go home but I have to repair the mother ship cause my people abandoned it.

Thats why I stopped praying

I got my ass in that lotus my ancestors told me to know this. Inside me is the key that will set my people free. If we just know who we be we will get up off our knees and stop praying.