Trumps not the problem... You are!

This is NOT an I support Trump post I think you all know me better than that. I write this post to show us how dumb we sound blaming one man for the source of our problems and to be honest I am sick of hearing about it. This country was messed up long before him and the fact that he won doesn't surprise me and shouldn't surprise you. 

First off, presidents are not elected they are selected and it was determined that he would be president long before his name hit a ballot. What irritates me is that Black people was still catching hell with little to no support under the last president but all we seem to do is complain about trump and his supporters.

I have a better solution...

CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL and that is YOU. Continue to grow within yourself and you will see how little anyone actually controls of this world. Get in touch with nature and the most high as you will see how little we actually control the cause; lets face it. No one complaining is down for a revolution so I won’t even take this post in that direction. I will say that just loving and getting involved within and with the people in your community is enough work on its own; so start there. 

Don't buy into the hype and propaganda that this nation’s media feeds to us. We let it ruin our lives, control us and then we have the nerve to point the finger as we blame someone else. I share many of your sentiments in regards to not just Trump but our government, religion, schools, media etc... and if you know me then you know that I've been talking about this type of shit since face had a book. 

I was the guy who was outspoken about how I felt towards many of the things listed above but I saw that it did nothing but make me cynical and sad. It made me lose hope in humanity; lose many friends and acquaintances. I forgot how to love and how above all that is what will remain. It wasn't until I left my computer screen and smartphone apps and really started to get involved that I was able to learn this lesson I leave with you.

The evil of this world has its time but the goodness in our hearts and souls must remain if we are to endure. I don't mean to sound preachy but this is the revolution I have been speaking of all along.

The revolution within.





Evan CookComment