Evan Cook
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True Happiness is the result of doing what you love with who you love in every aspect of life.

We have all grown up taught to compete with one another instead of how to help one another achieve true happiness.

Life is truly about our ability to serve one another because it is impossible to progress as people if we lack the ability to work together. 

Life is not based on what you can get; but it is based solely on what you are able to give during your time on earth. This is not just physically but emotionally and intellectually as well.


Leading the next Generation of self-made

Evan has dedicated his life to restoring this broken society by empowering youth to be the change needed in this dying world. Creating a life centered around inspiration, service and mentorship, Evan has made it his mission to inspire. Evan Cook teaches youth how to dive deeper and look beyond the scope of modern society and heal it through their gifts, talents and purpose.

Evan Cook is a community leader and advocate for the unheard and underserved.

Life is not based on what you get but by how much you give. is a website that showcases community activist and entrepreneur; Evan Cook in his mission to heal his community. Blessed with many talents, Evan Cook has devoted his life to sharing those talents through service. is a platform for youth and civic community to have a voice for change.

Through his blog titled, ‘Voice of the People’– Evan Cook draws attention to the struggles and efforts of the unheard.

Evan Cook fills many seats as a motivational speaker and consultant for teachings on how to apply passion and purpose, education of people’s basic rights, and community servant. Passionate about youth and social justice, Evan Cook sits on the board of the Federal Way Youth Action Team. In addition to serves as a coordinator for a community outreach team helping youth impacted by the juvenile justice system.