Evan Cook

Sent to Federal Way, Washington after his brief stint in the juvenile system in Oklahoma City; his mother thought it would be best to get him away from the crime filled neighborhood in which he lived. After graduating from Todd Beamer High School in 2008 Evan attended Eastern Washington University to play football; A sport that saved his life. 

Evan graduated with his degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology was hired shortly after by Eastern Washington University as a Campus Police Officer, where he served for nearly two years.


I am the evolution to the revolution that we need. 

- Evan Cook 

With the current relationship between the community and law enforcement; Evan sided with the people and quickly recognized from an inside perspective a different side of the criminal justice system. He realized he would be more effective reaching people and teaching them about the law rather than using it to exploit them and perpetuate a corrupt and injustice system. 

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You have seen how a man was made into a slave. Now you will see how a slave is made into a man.

-Fredrick Douglas


After his resignation, Evan went on to establish Restoring Mindz, a mentoring and public speaking organization that works with underserved youth in Federal Way, Washington. RMZ is centered around mentorship, life skills, and student athlete development.In this work, he is devoted to teaching young people about true citizenship, their rights and how to create a life centered on their gifts and talents.His goal is to reach and impact at least one percent of the world’s population in a positive way.

Finally ready to step from behind the scenes; Evan Cook through his inspiring words and influence now shares his powerful message of peace and prosperity with the world through his gifts of music, writing and motivational speaking.

Prepare yourselves for a journey to the beyond.